Chinatown Sydney-Malaysian

February was a Malaysian experience. We had a ball in Chinatown, Sydney. The Nasi Lemak at Ho Jiak (a relatively new Malaysian streetfood restaurant on Hay St) was absolutely delicious! The wagu beef rendang was to die for so was the the Char Kway Teow (a rice noodle dish with king prawns and the "breath of the wok") We ate with relish whilst learning to sketch ellipses and capturing the cups of tea and coffee Malaysian style. 

Next we headed out to capture the energy of the street. The main street of Chinatown is a walking street, so its a perfect place for people sketching and a great place to stop and learn all about 1 point perspective. 

Next it was time to eat again! We were not hungry, but we had Roti to try. I was particularly looking forward to the Roti with Kaya (a coconut pandan flavoured jam). I finished with a delicious "pulled tea" Teh Tarik, and the others has a lemon barley drink and a hot milo (classic malaysian beverages), and we settled down to some more sketching. Fun! Take a look. Next Experience is Korean in Eastwood. Limited small groups only.