Blue Mountains Travel Sketch Class

An extra lesson today for some of the students. I was keen to try the community space at Lyttleton Stores in Lawson. This is a heritage building that is now operating as an organic store, garden, workshop space,  and local designers atelier. I heard that Cherry Moon chef extraordinaire recently started baking here, so I knew that the cakes, tarts and foccacia's were going to be divine. The peach tart with her hand made puff pastry made with her hand made cultured butter was better than good. Fresh hot hand baked sourdough (spelt and amaranth) right out of the oven! Tea and coffee is "serve yourself" and pay by donation. The tea we choose was organic "wet" rooibos chi with turmeric. We sketched, we flicked through magazines and books such as Flow and Slow and Permaculture by Bill Mollison, and we shopped. What a fun morning! After the day started to warm up, we headed out to the old tower of the Stratford Girls School, which is preserved now after a fire and partial demolition (and right next to Lawson library).