The first Experience of the year was held in Sydney's Cabramatta. I absolutely love Cabramatta  and Vietnamese food, so this day is one of my favourites. First we started with a Vietnamese coffee at the best Vietnamese cafe in town. Cafe Xua. The coffees taste pretty much just like a ca phe sua da you would buy in Vietnam. Ivy, the owner is a delight too. We learnt about Vietnamese herbs and sketched them in our food journals labelling with the Vietnamese names. Next we headed to the supermarket for a look at clay pots for cooking our recipe, and the best fish sauces to purchase. A sketch of the fish market was all about capturing the energy and the impression of the environment. We looked at perspective and repetition of shapes too. Much relief was felt as we walked into our air conditioned restaurant of choice to try our recipe of the day. Ca Kho To. Its a clay pot fish dish. The restaurant we visit does one of the best Ive tried, so here we enjoyed the food whilst sketching it! A fun day as always.