The Greek Gods

School plays. Class Mum. Greek Custard pie.

Why write the recipe when it’s already written? Jealousy points. Class Five. Wear your toga…except it’s 4c out.

Little almond cakes recipe below

Mini Almond Cakes


6 egg whites

185g butter (melted)

125g almond meal

240g icing sugar

75g plain flour

1tsp vanilla

flaked almonds (reserve for decorartion)


  1. mix it all together in a bowl (except flaked almonds), and portion into small cup cake sized pans that have been well greased.

  2. top with flaked almonds

  3. bake 190c for 12-15mins until cooked.

  4. don’t sprinkle with more icing sugar for gods sake, nobody likes that powdery mess.

  5. take advantage of the fridge.