Sketch and Lunch

To Book, email Anna at

We have introduced a completely new way to combine your passion for both sketching and great food, or perhaps just enjoying the cultural side.

Anna Barnes with ErinHill Sketching has created our Sketch&Lunch Days.

Anna has studied Fine Arts and Social Anthropology, has her Masters in Design Science and was a top chef in Sydney’s restaurants for 25 years.

She is also a very passionate sketcher and trained Erin Hill Tutor and particularly fond of all cuisines.  She cannot wait to share lunch with you.

Beginning at 10:30 am and finishing at 1:30 pm, we’ll  take you to the most interesting food markets, try a unique beverage and we will lunch on regional dishes in a local restaurant.

Lets do plenty of sketching along the way too, where you will learn about keeping a food journal, capturing the cultural themes of the day in your sketches, and including text such as restaurant details, menus, and interesting lists of unique food ingredients. Perhaps you will sketch a map of your culinary journey, and I know we will all want to sketch our lunch.

You will need to bring your basic sketch kit along, or if you are new to sketching, then you can purchase one for the day, to keep.

We have a “mini kit” available, that includes an A5 journal, black sketching pen and set of aquarelles that will get you sketching for the day. *Next Location, Cabramatta. "A Taste of Vietnam". 29th May, 2017.

*Locations are in Western Sydney, always near a train station.

*Meeting location provided at time of enquiry/booking.

*Held on the Last Monday of the month.

*7 x Sketch and Lunch days $385

* Casual for $65 per day.

*Sketching tuition and guiding on the day included. (costs- travel to location, drinks, fresh food purchases and lunch at your own cost)

*Wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a “cool bag” for your fresh food purchases, and cash to make bill splitting a breeze.

*Limited small group size and personalised.

(Minimum 5 people must be booked to proceed for the day).


The Gingerbread House

Its always a wonderful experience entering the majical world of @gbhousekatoomba. Have you been? I highly recommend it. There is a little bit of fantasy in every corner. From the amazing original church interior to the sweets shop, top quality Josophan's cakes, magic toadstool corner, big roomy tables, comfy leather lounges. Its got everything you need. I had the house blend chai with Bilpin raw honey. I am dreaming of going back for more soon.


Alleys and Gutters

Sometimes i take a sketch class to the alleys and sit in the gutters! Its not all posh cafes and glamour locations ;-) We had a ball today in the "katoomba street art walk". A fabulous alley behind katoomba street. Looking at things we don't usually look at, learning to see things we don't usually notice.


New Sketchers in The Mountains.

We are teaching beginners the joy of sketching. We get out and about, visit cafes, shops, gardens. How to get the impression down! Because done is better than perfect. Term 3, We are offering beginners classes on Tuesday and Saturdays. 


New sketchers learning watercolours

For the first time ever, beginners opened their new watercolours and learnt  mixing and colour dropping. Keeping the palette clear of muddying and mixing the right amount of pigment with water. Well done class! 


Sketching in old book stores

This week we headed to the fabulously intetesting Big Beet Cafe in Katoomba St. Then we sketched books on old books in an old book store. My favourite in Katoomba. There are many antique and brick a brac shops here in The Blue Mountains. I feel this is only the beginning...


How to sketch a tree

We drank tea in Bygone Beauties, the Tea Pot Museum in Leura, then headed out for some tree observation and sketching. Autumn in the mountains. What a fabulous time of year!  


The Three Sisters

It was a little chilly but we know how to dress in The Mountains! It was a wonderful  morning working on colour blocking and working on colour combinations for sketching our local area. I think we did well! 

The Three Sisters, Katoomba.  

The Three Sisters, Katoomba.