Blue Mountains Travel Sketch Class

Stunning views and glamorous location for a travel sketch class this week at The Hydro Majestic. This week we looked at every day objects. A bicycle. Then we put it in a scene, using perspective skills we learnt last week. Other students concentrated on clouds, atmosphere and capturing our stunning nature up here.





This month our Sketch&Lunch was held in Cabramatta featuring Vietnamese food. It was a rare scorcher of a day, and things certainly heated up in the markets! I took our students to one of the older more authentic cafes for a Ca Phe Sua Da (Vietnamese iced coffee). Here we sketched Vietnamese herbs.

We tasted , touched and smelt them first, then leant what the Vietnamese names were for them. Next we headed to Eastland Supermarket where my friend Thai (the owner) talked openly about meeting Luke Nguyen for dinner in Saigon this December and do I want to come?! Why don’t you come to Hoi An and meet the Erin Hill Sketching holiday group I insist?! We will sketch you both! Oh how jealous he made me.

We talked about rice noodles, and I helped students buy some key ingredients for a delicious Vietnamese Roast Chicken recipe I have given them. After a quick walk through the busy fruit, vegetable and seafood markets we headed to a relaxing spacious air-conditioned restaurant. Over a crispy Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake), some Vietnamese rice paper rolls and some prawns on sugarcane we sketched away, learning about how to capture the essence of the place, the food and how to roll rice papers!

Take a look at our fun filled day. Happy Sketching and tasting in new Places, Anna (your Blue Mountains and Western Sydney Erin Hill tutor). For enquiries about next years schedule please email anna at


Blue Mountains Travel Sketch Class

Week two and we review our first lesson and keep moving forward. Things are starting to become interesting. New ways of seeing, new ways of sketching. Quick impressions. Previous sketchers take on a strong individual style now. Lots of fun to be had as we really start to enjoy each others company. 

Blue Mountains Travel Sketch Class

A new term, welcome new students, and so nice to have returning students. This is Spring Sketching in The Blue Mountains. We will have all kinds of weather. Bring your hats and umbrellas. Lets get sketching. Lots of new skills to learn. This is not about talent, but about enjoying the process. Anybody can learn how to sketch. 


Today we tasted the delights of Malaysian food. After a wizz through the local asian mart pointing out the key ingredients used in Malay cuisine, we headed to a cafeteria/hawker style Malaysian restaurant for some roti canai, ice kacang and kaya on steamed buns. Lots of sketching here, including sketching our purchases of Malaysian ingredients from the mart. Next we headed through Parramatta to Ya-Malaysian. A friendly small Malaysian restaurant with authentic lunch specials.  I am a regular here, and it was fun for the owners to see our big table sketching their restaurant and food.

Tasty and aromatic. Lots of Indian and Chinese influences along with traditional Malay cuisine.

Email Anna to enquire or book at

Blue Mountains Travel Sketch Class

Water and wet on wet. Loving our sketching time at The Fairmont. That great big fish tank is something to marvel at! We got the breif from the manly Studio, but water and winter and The Blue Mountains is not really our we sketched the resort pool from the cafe in from on the fire place ;-)


We met once again for our end of the month Sketch&Lunch. This month it was all about regional cuisine. We met in Burwood, and headed straight for some Chinese streetfood. We watched the chef make a flat pancake on the round griddle, drop some eggs on, then chilli paste, a savoury sauce, some crunchy things, and a ham sausage. Fold it up, pop it in a bag, and off we went to sketch! Whilst sketchers sketched, I ate! yum! It was difficult to share this one.

Next we headed to the Chinese supermarket. Questions answered, a few specialty items bought, and a wander around Burwood to get our bearings, and see the Chinese community in full swing. We were keen to get to lunch, but so much to do! We decided to sketch the wok shop later, and concentrated on the BBQ shop. Chinese chef would have to be the best all time BBQ masters. Especially when it comes to duck and pork. We sketched, we salivated, and we bought a whole bunch of delicious products to take home.

Okay, enough looking…time to sit down for some lunch. I was curious to give a Sichuan restaurant that served a steam boat style lunch a try. If for nothing else, the “sketchability” aspect was grand. We ordered by ticking the boxes on the giant list of ingredients. I choose things that I knew look good. Hee hee, always a sketcher. Lotus root, soybean sprouts, whole prawns, enoki mushrooms…. Others ordered food they new was edible! Outrageous (yet wise), so we ended up with a delicious selection of unusual looking ingredients, along with sensible things like beef and noodles. A delicious lunch, and more sketching, and before you knew it, it was time to catch the train home!

The next Sketch&Lunch is all about Malaysian food, Monday 25th September. A delicious cuisine that includes delights such as Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Har Mee Prawn Noodle, Hanianese Chicken, and the wok smoke scented Char Kway Teow. Oooooo, gosh, its not hard doing the research for this one at all…..

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Blue Mountains Travel Sketch Class

A very cold very windy day. One sketcher went home sick, the rest of us braved it. Our church subject had a funeral going on, things were grim, but our sketching kept us bright. We didnt last long and ended up in another cafe. Lots of things to learn about travel sketching in Winter in cold climates. We want to get out and about, but we must be realistic too. Learning about wet on wet in the cafe kept us interested. 


Sketch&Lunch-Korean. Today we ate kimchi, dumplings, clams, noodles, topokki, and drank sweet potato latte, citron tea, and ate red bean buns! What fun! Next Sketch&Lunch is Regional Chinese August. Last Monday of the month. Book with me by emailing your enquiry to



Topokki-Korean food is delicious.

YUM! #topokki


We have introduced a completely new way to combine your passion for both sketching and great food, or perhaps just enjoying the cultural side.


Anna Barnes with ErinHill Sketching has created our Sketch&Lunch Days.

Anna has studied Fine Arts and Social Anthropology, has her Masters in Design Science and was a top chef in Sydney’s restaurants for 25 years.

She is also a very passionate sketcher and trained Erin Hill Tutor and particularly fond of all cuisines.  She cannot wait to share lunch with you.

Sketch&Lunch is coming up again. This Monday 7th August 10:30-1:30. This time its Korean. Have you eaten Korean food before? In Sydneys Eastwood is a vibrant Korean community. We will meet at Eastwood station, where I will take you on a walking tour of this suburb. We will focus on all things Korean. First up will be the giant asian supermarket, where we can do a quick sketch and I can help you locate the Korean ingredients you need. So bring your recipes, and lets go searching the aisles. Next we head to the fish market. Here you will find some of Sydneys best freshest and well priced fish. I just love a culture that demands the freshest of seafood! I am bringing my little shopping trolly (the nana style one on wheels and an ice brick, as I intend on stocking up!). A quick sketch of the fresh fish and the barbecue takeaway shops, then we will head to lunch. Ive chosen as per usual a cheap and unique style Korean restaurant. A little different from your usual Korean BBQ restaurant, and a great place to try new things. We will sit in the mall too and sketch the locals if the weather is good, perhaps even get a bubble tea.

So bring your recipes for our market shopping, your sketchbooks and full kit so you can capture your exciting day in sketches, and some comfy walking shoes….oh! and an appetite. Lets go sketching!

Numbers are limited to 8. We already have bookings, so let me know as soon as you can if you are coming. Simply send me an email, and payment goes to Erin's usual business account. I will send you the details.

My email is

more details here